You Are Your Home

At a fundamental level, the purpose of a house is simply to provide shelter.

It’s a basic human need right alongside air, food, and water on the bottom rung of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. But beyond protecting us from the elements, our home can do much more to enhance, or diminish, the quality of our lives. The design of our home has the power to make us feel safe, calm, and fulfilled, or uncomfortable, frustrated, and on edge. If we engage fully with our home, and make conscious decisions about its design, it becomes more than just a barrier between us and the outside world. It becomes a tool we can use to propel ourselves forward to the top of Maslow’s hierarchy, self-actualization. 

Place to Savor Time

Light Inspires Awe

Materials Secure and Connect

Texture Layers and Soothes

Forms Order and Create

Space to Feel Free and to Be

Aesthetic to Curate and Claim

Joy for You and Joy for Me

By creating a home that reflects and embodies who we are at our core, we create environments that invigorate and drive us towards self-actualization. We can create spaces where we are not only sheltered, but live the way we want to live with peace, joy and inspiration.