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Zac Zeller

Zac Zeller, a Project Leader at Lang, is driven by a passion for creative collaboration and a sense of belonging to the global design community.

Zac’s journey into architecture began as a kindergartener when he impressed others with his intricate drawing of a race car from the film Days of Thunder. His friend’s mother, an architect, recognized his early talent – sparking his lifelong interest in design. 

When embarking on a new project, Zac prioritizes a comprehensive understanding of its context and prerequisites, working closely with clients to transform their ideas into built reality. Zac brings over a decade of expertise in high-end residential architecture, spanning projects of various scales. He’s committed to aligning the interests of all involved parties to complete buildings on time and within budget. 

Beyond architecture, Zac finds inspiration reading philosophy, enjoys cycling around New York City and birding – even caring for the pigeons that frequent his Brooklyn apartment windowsill.