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Leonardo Tamargo

Leonardo Tamargo, a project leader at Lang, draws inspiration from the intrinsic qualities of a space before our architectural intervention. 

Leo is a Columbia University graduate, and worked as an architect and a design professor in Spain before joining the Lang team in 2019.

Born in Cuba but raised in Spain within a family of architects, Leo developed a deep appreciation for design early in life. His childhood hobbies included sketching section drawings of his interests, such as ships and airplanes. Leo’s passion for art led him to explore diverse drawing and painting styles, a practice he continued throughout high school.

In the initial stages of a project, Leo’s approach revolves around site analysis, historical context, and the surrounding environment. His guiding questions include, “What is present in the space before our intervention?” and “What does the space want to be and how can we compliment what is already there?” These queries often lead him back to his original artistic medium, where he sketches and refines his concepts from every possible angle.

Outside of his architectural endeavors, Leo is an avid explorer, finding joy in discovering new places, whether they be in cities or in nature. His preferred way to spend his time is by taking long walks, immersing himself in as many diverse environments as he can.