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Simon Campuzano

Simón Campuzano, a project designer at Lang, finds joy in delving into the environments of his projects, uncovering elements that belong uniquely to each specific place.

Growing up in Colombia surrounded by architects, Simon’s grandfather’s influence, who ran an architecture and design magazine, played a pivotal role. From a young age, he was taken to explore houses and buildings in Bogotá, shaping his early fascination with design.

As an architect, Simon draws inspiration from diverse sources, and enjoys finding the “weird” elements in 2D design and vernacular architecture. Creating a distinctive atmosphere is at the core of his work, a process he explores through research and travel.

Simon finds fulfillment in delving into the specifics of each project’s site, understanding its intrinsic elements. He values meaningful conversations with clients and collaborators, recognizing the importance of personal stories in shaping his designs.

Outside of architecture, Simon enjoys Colombian contemporary literature, cooking, and working on an ongoing personal writing project.