New Orleans, Louisiana

State Street House

State Street House is a double shotgun home connected by a glass bridge.

  • date

    Completed, 2006

  • Location

    New Orleans, Louisiana

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Project Info

The State Street House is located in a formerly working class neighborhood of uptown New Orleans. A historic shotgun house on the site was restored and connected to a new camelback shotgun volume creating a newly configured 3,000 SF house. A glass bridging volume connects the historic house to the new house addition, suppressed and dematerialized to insure the distinction and connection between old and new. The new shotgun is scaled in relation to the historic shotgun, but employs modern details, clearly departing from historic and accepted building practices.

Close to the Mississippi River among small and low lying houses, a site strategy was employed for the project allowing the newly configured house to co-exist easily with other houses in the neighborhood, while enjoying generous spaces within and generous yards on the site. Indigenous vegetation was planted, including crepe myrtle, banana trees, ginger, sweet olive, parasol trees and magnolia trees.

Project Team

Drew Lang • Principal
Buro Happold • Structural Engineer
Richard Sexton • Photographer


We purchased a dilapidated house on a double lot in Uptown New Orleans, restored the historic house and added a modern addition connected by a glass bridge volume.