Elevating Experience. In Daily Life.

Our work excites curiosity, desire and delight, elevating experience in daily life. We craft each project with great care and deliberation, ultimately aligning the specific needs and unique identities of our clients with the buildings and spaces we create. We highly value collaboration in our work and believe it to be critical for continuity in the design process. We engage consistent dialog with our clients, design teams and project contractors to ensure that the best results are realized through synthesis of budget, program, site and achievement of the best value and architectural quality.

Grant Scott


Grant holds a Post Professional Master of Architecture degree from the Yale School of Architecture. Having previously worked in Boston, The Southern US, London and his native New Zealand, Grant aims to create resolved, elegant spaces, while drawing from a wide set of architectural and cultural influences and precedents, ranging from the minimalist to warm hand crafted Pacific modern.

Matt Hart

Project Manager

Matt approaches the architectural process with a belief that the correct balance between design, budget, project schedule, and process will lead to the successful execution of an architectural endeavor. Matt earned a Master of Architecture degree and Ecological Design degree from University of Oregon and a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture degree from University at Buffalo. His previous work experience includes residential and retail design and construction.

Jordi Biosca


Since 2005, Jordi has worked in a number of professional studios that each specialize in different architectural disciplines. This has significantly improved his spectrum of knowledge and creative realization. He has been privileged enough to work with such leading Architects as Carles Bordons, Jordi Ros (director of ETSAB Barcelona), and Urban Planners such as Dr. Carles Llop and Dr. Josep Parcerisa. Since 2012 he has been working with architect Carles Bordons.

Will Gregory


Will graduated from Auburn University with dual degrees in architecture and interior architecture, and had the privilege to design and build a public library for the town of Newbern, Alabama, as a thesis student at Rural Studio. With this hands-on experience, Will is interested in designing durable, refined architecture inspired by and tailored to its context. He enjoys the reciprocal crafts of drawing and making, and the collaborative process involved in translating a project from paper to place.

Starr Law


Starr earned her Master’s degree in Architecture from Columbia University and her Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley College. Starr approaches design with a sensitivity to the environment and context. She aspires to create spaces that are both contemporary and warm while also uniquely suited to their surroundings. Having grown up in Asia and worked internationally, she is inspired by a variety of cultural influences and vernacular styles. Starr’s previous work experience includes residential, commercial and hospitality design.

Michael Kolodesh

Marketing Manager

Mike Kolodesh is interested in pushing boundaries of the built environment to find new methods of adapting human interaction with their surroundings in order to improve quality of life. Starting his career in marketing & communications, Mike graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science from Drexel University in Philadelphia. His marketing philosophy revolves around empowering a better product to serve the needs of its users and storytelling through visual communication.

Ed Thompson


Ed Thompson combines a passion for innovation and sustainable design with experience in strategy, business development and marketing. Graduating with a BA in Literature from University College London, Ed has sought out opportunities to build and grow businesses driven by strong core values before profit. A city lover at heart, he found his way from London to New York but remains devoted to the natural world and the sustainable approach required to protect it.

Michael Garel-Martorana


Michael appreciates simple, functional spaces where light and materials engage the senses and create unique atmospheres, transforming the experience of the user. He graduated from Middlebury College, where he studied Architecture and French. After living in Copenhagen, Scandinavian design concepts have become his strongest source of inspiration- the combining of function and aesthetic. Michael’s previous work includes commercial design, as well as photography and fashion production.